The Strength of Humanity

March 22, 2016 produced yet another horrible attack on innocent people. My heart is with those in Belgium as their country is gripped with fear from the actions of the disgusting few. Incidents such as this should reinforce solidarity amongst the majority of citizens in our world that are good people. The response to situations like this is comradery, not xenophobia.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the acts today. They are the enemy. Their perverse ideologies are the sickness to exterminate. We do not need to blame anyone whose skin color or country of origin happens to coincide with those of the group. We need to work together as a global community to eradicate those who seek to harm us. Through trust and information we can overcome our instinctual actions that may cause us to behave in an uncivilized manner. Progression forward as a cohesive group will save us.

Be the person that treats others well. Avoid confirmation bias and seek to understand those around you and their actions. Trust when you can, but unite to punish those who seek to pull humanity backwards. Blind trust can be just as detrimental as blind hate and every action comes down to the individual. Support those who seek to better themselves and the world around them. If you must push ideas, push goodness. The solution is rarely exclusion.

There is a habit of some to seek a return to the conservative ways of old. Be it fundamentalist religious beliefs or a similar reverence of the United States Constitution. Yes these are documents that helped shape our communities, but we cannot rely solely on ideas that are 260 to 2000+ years old. We have succeeded because we adapt. Our advantage over every other animal has been our intelligence and we cannot ignore that by trying to live in our past.

Learn from what we’ve done. Don’t ignore the good that has come from ancient texts and founding documents, but know that times change and we must change with them. Our world is ever growing and has become more interconnected than most of us truly realize. Your neighbor is not just the family next door. Your neighbor is the family that just lost a loved one in Brussels today, Paris in November 2015, and the countless other attacks against innocent people around the world, our world.

We share this beautiful planet. Let’s act like it.

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