I started writing again a couple of years ago after quite some time without placing a single word to the page. I even started this blog where I intermittently leak my thoughts to the world. If I could push myself to embrace my thought process, the posts wouldn’t be so intermittent. Recently, I’ve become more aware of the self-sabotage that has been interfering with any ideas I try to grow. Not all of the interference is the fault of some subconscious demon that cackles as he kicks my confidence in the balls. No. The real truth is that I can be a lazy goddamn bastard when it comes to grinding out ideas.

With the goal of self discovery and growth in mind, I’ve come to embrace the sentiments of those that seek to share joy and understanding with the world. Ideas that invoke balance and consideration of others to better coexist in our world. In this embrace, my confidence suppressing demon has been keen on slamming me back in my hole by pushing the idea that whatever I’ve to say has been said before by better men. I know this to be a fallacy, but boy is that demon convincing.

One of the most uplifting human beings I’ve had the pleasure to meet is Rob Bell. On a tour for his latest book, How To Be Here, Rob shared some time to speak at a local bookstore. It was in this book that the following excerpt stood out:

“It may have been done or said by someone else. That’s a distinct possibility. It may have been done or said before. But it hasn’t been done or said by you. It hasn’t come through your unique flesh and blood, through your life, through your experience and insight and perspective.”

Full disclosure; this is the type of self-help line that I would normally dismiss. Even as Rob writes that line, he knows that he isn’t saying anything new. Telling someone to embrace their unique perspective as a way of inspiring them is one of the pillars of motivation. But Rob still wrote it. Because at the end of the day, it was tied to the rest of his perspective. That excerpt didn’t hit home for me because it was a new revolutionary way to view the world. It connected because I saw it through Rob. Framed in his unique voice, it took on new meaning.

This uniqueness in perspective is what drives me. As a people we’ve grown to such numbers that we can’t pretend that it is possible to isolate ourselves. Moving forward requires embracing our neighbors. Each one of us has a unique perspective to share and I will continue to seek as many connections as I can, sharing them along the way.

This is the post where I push myself to write and share. To embrace my outlook of the world as I’ve encouraged so many others to do in the past. Looking in the face of self-doubt and confidence lost I march forward. Through the guidance of great educators and the inspiration of those in my life, I strive to share an understanding of our world.

Join me, will you?

Rob’s book can be found here.

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