Don’t Postpone Your Paradise

Why do we look elsewhere to be saved?  Why is it that salvation is pushed to the shoulders of another instead of being moved forward by each individual?

We tend to push salvation away and place it on a glorified pedestal as we pine for the arrival of someone, or something, to rescue us from the suffering of daily life. The reality we must face is that suffering should be embraced as a part of life and learn to understand that these experiences can be valuable lessons as we move throughout the world. Growth and prosperity are not possible without the lessons learned from suffering. By engaging in the opportunities presented from embracing our negative experiences, the general suffering of the world can be lessened if we take action on Earth instead of relying on the distant arrival of a savior. Faith in a creator and a paradise beyond a terrestrial existence is a welcome belief, but not at the cost of cheapening your terrestrial life. The present moment you have is where your positivity and action is needed the most. Enjoy paradise when you are welcomed in, but to dwell on the future so heavily detracts from your present.

The kingdom of heaven should not be waited for, but brought into the heart of each person.

Faith and worship all drive towards the same goal of understanding our place and purpose. We can derive knowledge and understanding from the writings of different faiths without needing to apply labels or titles to the act. I needn’t be a Christian to appreciate and benefit from the lessons within the Holy Bible. I am able to review the text not as a direct word of God, but as humanity finding itself in the universe; finding purpose and understanding as it learns and grows over time. We are all connected in this experience. Read our treasured holy books not as literal words of God, but as the yearning of your brothers and sisters to understand the universe and the message becomes clear: Love all of humanity and the creatures we share our home with equally.

May you go with grace and peace my friends.


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