Be Open. Be Grateful.

I realized just the other day, as I was standing on Venice Beach watching street performers with a crowd of strangers and two relatively new friends, that my being in this moment was not entirely my doing. I wasn’t forced by any means but I wouldn’t have been in that situation, with a smile on my face as the performers jumped and flipped and balanced their way through a stripped down Cirque du Soleil-esque routine, if not for the motivation of someone very close to me. Someone who over the last 7 months has expanded my heart through her kindness and love and has expanded my mind through her proclivity to take adventures and not stand still. She wasn’t with me physically in that moment on Venice Beach, she was submerged in her own experience a few miles away, but she was with me in spirit so vividly it may as well have been the same.

Those of you who know me well know that I can be a bit of a hermit. I like my solitude a bit too much at times. I allowed the behavior of those in my past to influence the reception of those I had not even met. But recently I have allowed myself to be led into the world and out of my comfort zone by the hand of a woman with limitless potential for grace and the exploring heart of an adventurer. I’ve never felt so alive and at peace than in my time with her.

I am grateful for you my love, my inspiration, my light; my Ana.

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