The Cost of War

War movies have always moved me. Movies like Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and the one I’ve just walked out of, Dunkirk. 
Dunkirk was 2 hours of hope being crushed down into submission. 2 hours of men struggling to just survive and being shot down, burned, and drowned. We have all become so desensitized to mindless violence. We have action movies left and right that show countless people killed and maimed in a variety of ways but movies like Dunkirk are different. 
Seeing those poor souls terrified and resorting to primal survival urges just to get home is heartbreaking. It may be just a film, but it serves to remind us of the true cost of war. And we need that reminder. Soldiers are brave, but they are brave because they must be. Soldiers are not mindless killing machines who just wish to end life. They fight for a cause. They fight for their nations and their families. They fight to stand up for what they believe is good and just. 

I don’t write this with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart for the characters in a movie. I feel this way for the countless men and women who have given their lives and their sanity to war. For the families ripped apart by the fierce and destructive all consuming power that is war.
I am grateful that there are those who fight these battles so I do not have to. I am grateful for the sacrifice of their families; for the loss they sustain so others may thrive.

I want anyone who is quick to say “let’s send in the troops” or “let’s start a war with…” to please pause and think of what you are asking. War is not a highlight reel on CNN. War is not a game. Violence against another should be the absolute last resort. Especially when we ask another person to pull the trigger on our behalf.

To all who have served, to all who have sacrificed: thank you. You’re sacrifice is not lost and you are never forgotten.

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