To My Son

My boy.

I think of you as you lay in your mother’s womb and I smile. I think of the love I have for you both and how lucky you and I are to have her. A partner for me and a mother for you. I could not dream of anyone that could fulfill these roles more completely than she. I think of your tiny hands with your tiny fingers and your tiny toes on your tiny feet. I dream of what your eyes will say and what true curiosity looks like as you learn this world. I think of your first words and steps. I think of the first thing that ignites the fire of wonder in your heart. I think of your potential.

Jameson, as I write this I want you to know that it doesn’t matter what path you choose or role you take. Your dreams, your goals, your passions…they are yours and yours alone. I care not if you are a religious man or follow a path of non-belief. If you find your heart in a man or woman, it bothers me not one bit. I only ask that you go with peace. Peace for yourself and for every living creature you will interact with on this glorious ride through life.

There is an energy in us. There are many who have tried to bottle it up and sell their version to the world, but it is so very simple. Embrace your fellow humans and live with a neverending respect for their paths. We are all here together and we all have a story. I will do my best to live as an example for you but in the end the choice is yours. The most important choice we have to make in life is how we will interact with the world.

Be courteous. Be respectful. Be caring. Be strong.

There are times where this may seem an insurmountable task. Pressure from a world where shortcuts are plentiful and the greed and selfishness buried in all of us can seem enticing. But you don’t have to cheat. You don’t have to lie and steal and manipulate to get what you desire. Live honestly for yourself, your family, and your fellow humans. Your singular action can have a resounding impact on anyone you meet and you alone have the potential to change lives.

Stand up for what’s right. Defend the innocent and help the lost and frightened. Do what’s right because it’s right. Embrace your strengths and learn from your weaknesses. Your mind is a powerful tool that is malleable and can be improved upon. A value I hope to teach you much earlier than I learned it; failure is not the end of the road, it is simply a teacher. Keep striving, keep pushing. The ride isn’t over until it’s over.

For now I wait, embracing the quick moments I have to feel you thrash about in the womb. Soon you will begin your path in the world and I will do everything in my power to earn the right to be your guide, your father.

I love you son. See you soon

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