Drop the excuses. Drop the politics. Drop the greed.

I’ve had the honor to contribute an article to The Existential Millennial over at BxHistory.com regarding our capacity for change, both environmental and social. I’m excited to be a part of the project and encourage all of you to check it out and keep your minds ready. Big things are coming from Ex_Mill!

“The Existential Millennial is a space to exchange insightful ideas, develop new perspectives, and draw parallels backed by evidence with the mission of generating a place for knowledge, contemplation, and thoughtful discussion; not opinionated monologue, bias expression, or fallacious arguments with cheap conclusions.”


Drop the excuses. Drop the politics. Drop the greed.

Change is a fickle beast. We all know the benefits to embracing change in the long term. We can see the massive shifts in social behavior over decades and centuries, especially with the advent of the Internet multiplying the change rate exponentially. But for all we know, we hide from the progress. We seem to think that large change will just happen by “someone else.” (continue reading at Ex_Mill)

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