Discovering Humanity Through Writing

Hello Readers! Today I would like to point you to in the direction of a fantastic blog I’ve had the pleasure of following for some time now: The Cat’s Write. You will find invaluable writing advice from an experienced blogger and writer along with a serious adoration of all things fluffy. I recently contributed a guest article to The Cat’s Write and if you have ever been curious of the spark behind Through Dust Covered Glass I highly recommend you head over and check it out! Stick around while you’re there and show The Cat’s Write some love as well.

Discovering Humanity Through Writing

Mine is a story of isolation and indoctrination….which sounds a lot heavier than it actually is, but dramatic effect is fun. I grew up in an environment rooted in keeping to your own kind. My parents were raised with this mindset and ended up a bit more liberal than their own, but it wasn’t much. In my household, you didn’t associate much with people that weren’t like us. You would be friendly and polite, but if they weren’t the same as us (read: white and born in the United States…mainly white) you would keep them at an arm’s length…(continue reading at The Cat’s Write)

7 thoughts on “Discovering Humanity Through Writing

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    • I dig it. It’s nice to find another person looking to take in the variety of the world. I don’t bike nearly as much as I’d like. I’m out in Phoenix and in my area just about everything needs a trip down the freeway; so my bike trips are sightseeing adventures when I can fit them in.

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      • Yeah I hear it’s called Valley of the Sun, or Surface of the Sun when it gets really hot and the planes can’t take off or land! Hope you can find biking options… Zwift and a smart trainer I hear are fun!

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