Even Discourse

Certain points in human history present a lesson on how we can change for the better. Head over to BxHistory.com to check out my new article on the value of even discourse in our ever more connected world.

Even Discourse

On January 8, 2018, Jakub Ferencik published an article, The Controversy of Bret Weinstein Explained – The Evergreen Scandal, on what is being called a “the Leftist attack” on the evolutionary biologist, Bret Weinstein. The attack on Weinstein was organized by the students of Evergreen State University, where he taught as a biology professor. The event that ignited the student’s ire followed a unique school tradition: Students of color were encouraged to stay home as a way to outline their significant contributions in society. However, “A year ago,” as Ferenick explains, “they flipped the logic. Rather than telling people of colour to stay away for the day, they told white people that they are not welcome on campus for a day. Absence wasn’t compulsory, but highly recommended.” (keep reading at BxHistory.com)

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