False Righteousness

There are those with whom we place our ultimate trust. They ask for our children so they may guide and foster them to a moral life as free from the ails of the world as is possible. They ask for our faith and trust that the words they speak are from a being greater than we could ever possibly be, yet aspire to be worthy of His grace. They ask for our riches, material and spiritual, as we confide our lives to their blessed confidence. They ask for privilege among the governed world.

They ask and we give. 

For all of this, for all of that they ask and all that they have received from the masses, have they fulfilled their vows? Have they created a space free from the negativity they so often rail against? Have they created a following that is better than their fellow man in deed? Have they led by example and shown us how to be good, just, and kind to all? Have these men done anything at all to warrant the reverence and adoration that they are afforded? 

Simply put, no. 

The ones we have entrusted so deeply to guide lives and shape nations have failed us. The ones who have been given access to every government the world over since their inception have failed us. The ones who we have given so very much of what we hold close and dear to our hearts, have failed us. 

For centuries, these men have slaughtered and manipulated. They have killed relentlessly in the name of their God and sat on the sidelines as horrific deeds were undertaken against innocents until they recognized a victor. For centuries, they have actively worked to undermine and restrain those who they deem unworthy of autonomy as they enrich themselves in wealth, knowledge, and power. 

All of their past deeds pale in comparison to their actions against our children. These men have used their position to commit the most heinous of all crimes against the children entrusted to them. Time and time again, they have manipulated and covered up the atrocities that the scum in their organization have perpetrated. These men have destroyed the lives of children for their sick pleasures while hiding behind the veil of faith and righteousness.  

I refuse to keep my disgust quiet. I refuse to let the centuries old brainwashing quiet the fact that these men raped children. We cannot hide from this and we cannot let this continue unabated throughout the world. These men deserve to be called out and punished. These men deserve to be reprimanded as the vile creatures that they are.  

Do not make excuses. Do not hide behind faith. Do not hide behind the false righteousness of these worthless, empty husks of human beings. They deserve no luxury or favor. They deserve nothing short of extermination. Nothing we do can ever redeem or reverse the horror these men have unleashed upon the world, but we owe to the victims, and to our civilization’s future, to call them out for what they really are. 

I have worked very hard to bring myself from a place of petty hate and teenage angst to a place of understanding and patient thought. I cannot reach out from that place now.  I cannot bring myself to feel anything other than immense disgust at the actions of those revered as so-called “Messengers of God”. I am tempted to listen to the part of me that says, “Just let it go. You are not directly involved. It isn’t your problem” and for many situations this is true. 

Not now. Not this time. 

The Catholic Church has overstayed its welcome. It is time we broke their grip on the world and set ourselves free.


Keep track of abuse emanating from the Roman Catholic Church and raise awareness via BishopAccountability.org

To report abuse related to the recent developments in Pennsylvania, call 888-538-8541

Excerpt quote: Winston McCall, 2018

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