Creator Highlight – #1

This ongoing series showcases a unique creator that has inspired me to push my boundaries and learn more about the world around us. Take a look and let them inspire you too!  

For my first Creator Highlight I want to share a YouTube channel that has been an inspiration to me for years now – Smarter Every Day.

Smarter Every Day is host Destin’s exploration of the world through science. A natural tinkerer and explorer, Destin likes to “Look at the world differently.” With an engineering background and lifelong adoration of space and discovery, Destin arms himself with a highspeed camera to investigate such things as a bird taking flight (filmed at 20,000 frames per second) and testing a .50 caliber round against a ballistic window.

On top of the sheer enjoyment of discovering the science behind every day events, I have watched Destin’s videos because of his excitement. He is engaged and genuinely eager to share his love of science with the world. Destin manages to light that fire in your heart that may have dimmed a bit since you were a kid.

A great encapsulation of Smarter Every Day is here in his TEDx video from 2014. I recommend giving it a watch and letting Destin inspire of bit of discovery in you too.

You can find out more about Destin, Smarter Every Day, and his podcast No Dumb Questions at

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