On the Importance of Skepticism – Neurologica Blog

Editor’s note: I don’t normally use TDCG as a place to re-post articles, but I felt this needed to be shared with as wide an audience as I could muster. I’ve followed Neurologica Blog for years and have a respect for the leg work and no nonsense approach Dr. Steven Novella takes in addressing common issues in science communication. Please take the time to read his article, a portion of which is below, and the many other valuable articles he has written.

The below excerpt is from the article Dunning Kruger and GMO Opposition by Dr. Steven Novella.

“I have written extensively about GMOs (gentically modified organisms) here, and even dedicated a chapter of my book to the topic, because it is the subject about which the difference between public opinion and the opinion of scientists is greatest (51%). I think it’s clear that this disparity is due to a deliberate propaganda campaign largely funded by the organic lobby with collaboration from extreme environmental groups, like Greenpeace.

This has produced an extreme, if not a unique, challenge for science communicators. Also – there are direct implications for this, as the political fight over GMO regulation and acceptance is well underway. The stakes are also high as we are facing challenges feeding a growing population while we are already using too much land and there really isn’t more we can press into agriculture. (Even if there are other ways to reduce our land use, that does not mean we should oppose a safe and effective technology that can further reduce it.)”

Continue reading at Neurologica Blog

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