Creator Highlight – #2

This ongoing series showcases a unique creator that has inspired me to push my boundaries and learn more about the world around us. Take a look and let them inspire you too!  

Have you heard of heard of Stonehenge? Probably, but have you heard of the Georgia Guidestones? How about the tree that owns itself? No, not that one, the other one.

There are countless oddities across the globe that we wouldn’t have a clue about if it weren’t for curious folks like Tom Scott. Via his YouTube channel, Tom takes us to amazing places, shows us things we may not have known, and shines a light on different things built for science that don’t have the PR as something like the Curiosity rover.

I am a natural repository of random facts and Tom’s exploration is a great help to make sure that my repository stays full. I love the off-the-beaten path tidbits and history that his videos bring to the forefront. Head over to Tom Scott’s YouTube channel and let the man in the red shirt show you a little snippet of the world you may have not otherwise known.

One of my personal favorites

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