Creator Highlight – #4

This ongoing series showcases a unique creator that has inspired me to push my boundaries and learn more about the world around us. Take a look and let them inspire you too!  

There may have been a time in your life where you have yearned to learn about the complexities of election systems as told through pictures of different animals. Perhaps you didn’t know that in order to find a path to a bit more happiness in your life you needed to watch a video about how to maximize your own personal misery. In either case, CGP Grey has you covered.

Without ever showing his face, Grey has used his YouTube channel to make videos that teach fundamentally boring topics in quite an engaging manner. A former physics teacher, Grey specializes in “Edutainment” videos using animation and various stock footage to communicate these topics; and communicate he does (I stand by my opinion that he has an almost perfect narration voice. He could narrate a phone book and I would be intrigued).

Grey’s videos are not flashy or gimmicky and he doesn’t use silly tricks to gain followers. The content he puts out is well presented and engaging while he uses his own personal touch to get the main point across. As much as I would like to put into words how great CGP Grey is, I don’t think there are the words so you are much better off clicking here and watching for yourself.

My personal favorite: Humans Need Not Apply

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    • Thanks! It is a bit worrisome, but I think every leap forward has resulted in a bit of displacement for the existing system. We’ll just have to be inventive in coming up with our roles in the near future.

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